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With software Macros Effects you can set the axial macros .AMC on any gaming mouse Asus ROG, Cooler Master, Corsair, Cougar, EpicGear, FUNC, HyperX, Logitech, Mad Catz, Ozone, Qcyber, Razer, Roccat, SteelSeries, Tesoro, Tt eSPORTS, Zowie or a simple mouse Apple, Canyon, Defender, Gamdias, Genius, Qumo, Intro, Lenovo, Microsoft, Marvo, Rapoo, Ritmix, Smartbuy, SpeedLink, SVEN, ThunderX3, Trust!
Attention! Not all games support axis macro emulators. Before using, learn about compatibility with games on
Software Macros Effects does it using the macro format .AMC from the A4TECH X7. Macros Effects macros runs a macro A4TECH X7 software, simulating the operation of the macros in the internal memory A4Tech X7 Oscar Editor.
Important: the Macro Effect will not affect the game files and recoil control is implemented outside of the game, which is 100% not a cheat!
The program is simple and after studying the manual you'll easily use axial macros full no recoil in the online games.
Main window software Macros Effects consists of:
1. The space of the script commands. In this window you can simply insert the macro command (ctrl+V) you copied from the file *.amc, view, and edit macros.
2. Managing software settings - the button exit the program and configure the playback of the macro.
3. Activation - after manual selection of this mode click the downloaded macro is played when pressing the left mouse button.
Do not select the activation here and don't change anything below, the best option during the game press the hotkey F8 (can be changed).
4. The area of the buttons "Record", "Open" and "Save" the macro. Open the macro from anywhere on your computer! After clicking save, the next start of the software previously saved macro will be loaded automatically.
ggmacro coordinate converter, конвертер координат макроса от ггмакро скачать
Functions of the settings window:
Attention! This window allows you to change a single parameter, highlighted in red
Field highlighted in red, select the hot button Field highlighted in red, select the hotkey to activate the script. Click in the box and press your chosen button (the default is hotkey F8) to activate the script. Click in the box and press your chosen button.
Open the script and the macro is ready to work in the game.
That's all you should know about software Macros Effects!
Official website Macros Effects
Using Macros Effects you can easily use macros to any mouse no recoil and perfect control of the spray better than any professional player.
Attention! Any cheap mouse Bloody with a memory for macros, reproduces the macro very accurately and steadily, the process of reproduction of the script directly from the mouse in game, this is not to compare with the work of any software playback scripts.
Parts Bloody mice are not inferior to the top-end models of gaming mice! The Bloody mice have Game Sensor Pixart PAN3305DK-H, Pixart PMW 3325 5K, Avago A3050, Avago A3080, Avago A9800 and Micro Switch Omron, Light Strike (from Bloody). Metal plates X'Glide eliminate friction on nearly any surface for smoother motions! Great plastic, very high quality rubber grip - no erased the surface as SteelSeries!
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