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Setting macro FireGlider


For starters, you want to move the macros to the library Mouse Editor.

1. Version.
Open the folder with the macros MacroLibrary, for FireGlider it is something like this
Program_Files_(x86)\ MouseEditor\ ScriptsMacros\ [the installation language of your program]\ MacroLibrary path depends on the model of the mouse. Copy or drag the macros to the folder.

2. Version.
Run Mouse Editor (the interface may differ depending on the model), click on button 7 and select Macro Manager.

The editor opens, select the Macro tab and click on Open.
drag and drop the macros In the open window.
The macros are in the library Mouse Editor.
Note: to order in your collection of game macros you can create a new folder game.
Remaining to load the macros into memory mouse FireGlider!

Click on the button 7, the Select macro file and click the macro. The macro waits for the loading into memory of the mouse!

Note! If you need a macro from the additional folder, click on the button 7, select Macro Manager, then in the editor click on the Macro tab and select Open, choose the folder macro and select the macro, see the script commands to the macro to prepare to download, click on the save icon, and then click button OK in the next window.
The macro is ready to download, click the Download button or OK button in memory of the mouse.
All the macro is installed and ready to go!

macros for Left Button

Macros LBM.amc - LMB / Left Mouse Button - made to play the script by clicking on the left mouse button instead of the button nomder 7 or any other macrobutton. What makes the good game and expands the number of used macros!

Attention! Macros for LBM only work for weapons with automatic mode fire!

To install the LKM macro - see above "How to install the macro FireGlider *.amc in software Macro Editor?".
For the script to work on the Left Mouse Button, to activate LBM macro, you should once Click on button with the established LMB macro. To disable the script - the deactivation LBM macrore-press button with the established LBM macro.

Advice from No Recoil Pro Macro™ - install macros to paint buttons the Middle button 3 (clicking the scroll wheel) and the Side buttons 4 and 5! Button 7 may be used for the second macro, but remember that when using any other script the LBM macro will be auto disabled and you will need to re-activate the LBM macro.

Activation/deactivation as well as FireGlider the one touch of a button with the LMB macro.

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